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NEW Universal Car Windshield Glass Repair Tool

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Crack in your car windshield? Well, let us save you hundreds of dollars!

Your days of worrying about those cracks in your view are over with. This all new Windshield Repair kit that makes you feel confident about your car’s appearance and safety again while saving valuable time and money. This kit is the easiest one you will ever use when it comes to repairing your windshield.

MiracleFix™ Glass Nano Repair Fluid (2pcs) | Indigo-Temple

It removes air from the crack, fills it with durable resin and makes it even stronger than before. For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water.

Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid - Pier100

The kit works best on rounded damaged surfaces that are not more than one inch in diameter, and cracks no longer than 12 inches. It will not repair damage to more than one layer of glass.

Cracked-Glass Repair Kit | Glass repair, Repair, Laminated glass

High repair strength, transparent and no yellow tintno secondary cracking. Plus you can combine with a curing light to achieve better repair effects.

Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid


  1. Open up the crack by pressing externally with the suction to drain out air
  2. Let the resin (repair solution) enter the crack
  3. And voila, watch the magic happen.

 100% fixed windshield - just like new
 Easy to use and operate, convenient for carrying and storage.
 Save you lots of cost and time 
✅Match it with a curing light to achieve better repair effects.
✅Practical, works on any auto glass, wise to have on hand
✅Allows you to cure and repair various kinds of damage caused by traffic accidents, impact, collisions, bump. Repairs all types of laminated windshields.