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Outdoor Sleeping Camping Mattress Cushion for Tent

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 Who loves camping and experiencing the wilderness  , but hates waking up with an  aching back   when   sleeping  on the  cold, hard ground ? The last thing you want to do during a fun camping trip is worry about getting pain that prevents you from enjoying your nature experience to the fullest. The fantastic reality is that if you  add an  inflatable outdoor air mattress to  your packing checklist  , you will never have to worry again  .

Portable Camping Mattress Features
  ✔️  Attached comfortable pillow
  ✔️ Waterproof
  ✔️ Easy to store and take
  with you ✔️ Space in the storage bag to protect telephones, chargers and other devices from the weather.

Invest Today!
Let's face it, without proper sleep you won't be at the top of your camping or hiking game. This sleeping bag you've had for years may keep you warm, but inevitably doesn't provide enough pillows for a decent break. Do yourself a favor and don't sell yourself too short to have a remarkable and unforgettable time. As soon as you invest in the HeroPad portable camping mattress, you will  see the immense improvements first-hand and never go outside again without them  .

data When ordering, you will receive an inflatable sleeping mat together with the carrying bag. As already mentioned, you can also attach an airbag. 

1. Extremely Durable: As hikers & campers ourselves, we were sick and tired of having mats pop on us! This is why we made sure the mattress we created wasn't going to do so... We use durable dual-layer material for ultimate resistance.
2. Ultra Lightweight: A typical outdoors mattress can weigh 1-2kg! We thought this was ridiculous. So we made it one of our goals to bring down the weight of our mattress as much as physically possible. The FosterMattress has a total weight of just 500 grams! 
3. Super Compact: We made sure to create a mattress small enough to easily fit inside of your pack! Nothing is worse than a bulky sleeping mat swinging around on the side. Many customers compare it to fitting a small water bottle in their bags!
4. Maximum Comfort: Do you ever wake up from a night of camping with a sore back or bad sleep? We certainly did... Which is why we tested and tested the comfort of our mattress with thousands of people until it was made to be the most comfortable rated mattress ever! With 144 flexible air cells, to give super sturdy and extremely comfortable support and fit your body's curves/different sleeping posture.
5. Cold Protection: You body absorbs the cold 10x faster from the ground than it does from surrounding cold air. So when you camping you don't want a mattress that does this too! That is why we have a multi-layer system inside our mates to ensure that absolutely minimal heat will be passed from you to the ground.
6. Built-In Pillow: The top of the mattress is padded in the shape of a pillow to provide a proper cushion for your neck and head. Critical to your comfort and getting good sleep.