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Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof Pet Carrier Back Seat Mat

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Keep Your Car Protected & Squeaky Clean As You Travel With Your Pet

Made with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind, the Dog Car Seat is perfect for all your outdoor road adventures. Waterproof, wear-proof, and tear-proof. This amazing backseat hammock keeps your car interior fresh and protected from dirt, scratches, water, and other debris as you travel with your furry companion while giving them the comfort they need and deserve on the road.
Best of all, it fits with a wide variety of vehicles regardless of size and proportion. Whether you're driving a sedan, an SUV, your family van, or even a truck, this Dog Car Seat Cover is definitely a must-have essential every pet owner shouldn't miss.

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✔️ Provides Unparalleled Levels Comfort
 Dog Car Seat Cover is made from materials that are not only soft and comfy to the touch but is also hypo-allergenic. It even comes with a non-slip base designed to protect your dog from slipping towards the dashboard every time you hit the brakes. A comfy lounging experience awaits your favorite furry buddy!

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✔️ Made To Cater Vehicles Of All Types & Proportions
Get the coverage you need regardless of the vehicle you're driving. Whether you're driving a sedan, an SUV, a van, or even a truck, the Dog Car Seat Cover universally fits any type of vehicle and has never failed to fit just right! 

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✔️ Incredibly Fast & Easy To Install
Unlike most backseat covers that require you to pull out your toolbox just to have them installed, the Dog Car Seat Cover installs in just a matter of seconds. All you need to do is to unfold the dog seat, hook the safety strap on the front and rear headrest of your car, insert the seat anchors in between the back and surface of your seat, and you're all set. No technical skills required. Best of all, the unmounting process is twice as easy in-case you need to transfer the hammock to another vehicle.

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✔️ Protects Your Interior From Daily Wear and Tear
Waterproof, wear-proof, and tear-proof. The  Dog Car Seat Cover  is tested and proven to withstand daily wear and tears from pooches of all breeds and sizes. Its waterproof finish helps repel water making unwanted spills easy to wipe, and its exterior weaving is immune to puncture & scratches. Keep your car's interior fresh and clean while giving your pets the comfort they need.