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Newest Knee Protection Booster Power Support Knee Pads VIP Link

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Comfortable & Durable, Easy to use, Fit for all size, Adjustable

◆Gives strength to the legs and knee joints. With three springs on each side, It can withstand up to 20kg.

◆Provide supports to the legs. Even if you walk for a long time, it can be less forceful and relieves the weight burden.

◆The neoprene material does not easily absorb bacteria and produces less odour.

◆Can be used for a long period of time.

◆You can wear it inside or outside of the pants. Easy to wear and easy to take it off at anytime.


◆Type:Joint Support Knee Pads

◆Material: Diving cloth + alloy spring + PC

◆Size: Free Size

◆Color: Black

◆Suit for: Adult,Men,Women