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New Child Baby Safety Table Corner Edge Protection 5/8/10Pcs

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Baby Safety Silicone Protector Table Corner Edge Protection Edge & Corner Guards

Corners and edges of low lying furniture and walls can be quite risky especially if you have a toddler at home. Corner Protectors are around to ensure that you or your agile baby will not get bruised or cut in case they fall on or collide with these pointed surfaces. They are made of shock-absorbing materials like foam that prevent injuries.

4/8/12pcs Safety Corner Protector - Best Price on Bizzoby

With these corner guards at your disposal, you can comfortably sit back and relax as your lovely little one walks or crawls around. It is clear and transparent so you will retain the original look of the surface without attracting much attention. This thing is not only for toddlers. Elders can also save their knee, elbow or head from dangerous corners.

Baby Safety Silicone Protector Table Corner Edge Protection Edge & Corner Guards

Bump Protector –  It is made of very soft materials, this corner guard will provide higher protection to both kids and adults and can also protect furniture from collisions when you move your furniture

Easy To Install – Made of durable soft silicone, which makes it easy to stick at the desired corner

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Strong Transparent Protector – A sturdy corner protector that can be used on metal, ceramic, glass, wood and blends seamlessly.

Strong Adhesive – The corner protector has 3M adhesive tape Once you put it on, it will stick very well and will never fall off easily.

Transparent Materials -It is designed crystal clear which allows you to see through things even after you put it on.

Baby Safety Corner Protector(12 Pack) | mambabydad

Traceless Adhesives – Easy to remove and the tape doesn’t put a mark on any furniture.

Non-Toxic And Safe Material – Made of healthy and eco-friendly soft PVC material and 100% non-toxic to ensure safety.

Baby Safety Corner Protectors(8 Pack) | mambabydad