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Newest Sous Vide Food Vacuum Cooker

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Water Bath and Vacuum Sealer | Sous Vide

Extra-gentle vacuum cooking

Vacuum cooking is a particularly gentle way to cook meat, fish and vegetables at low temperatures. Vacuumed vegetables release a better flavour when cooked in their own juices. The Vacuum's stick circulation pump maintains a constant temperature, therefore ensuring great cooking results. The food also retains valuable vitamins and nutrients. The temperature can be adjusted very precisely (+/- 0.5 °C). The automatic switch-off function prevents overcooking or burning if there is an insufficient quantity of water.

✔Tools for a New Lifestyle 

- Sous Vide Cooker brings professional restaurant cooking technology to home, which cooked any type of meat—beef, pork, lamb, or poultry, especially well with fish and seafood, any vegetable, eggs, many fruits and desserts. Remains food's nutrient, keeps vitamins levels of food at 90% after cooking. 

✔Accurate Time and Temperature Control 

-- Large LCD control display, hyper-exact temperature control(+/-0.1℃), digital control of temperature(5-100℃)(41°F-212°F) and time control to minutes. Cooking at home with sous vide ensures and increases food safety .

✔Powerful and Flexible 

-- Sous Vide Machine has a powerful pump that keeps liquid temperature throughout the cooking bath uniformly, allow you have a bigger window of time to play with if you are multitasking in the kitchen.  

Earl Cooks Etc.: February 2018

✔Easy to Clean 

-- Removable stainless steel pump housing and all wet parts are stainless steel, almost no cleaning necessary, after use just need simply clean and keep it in dry place. The cooker sits in a bath of hot water and never comes into direct contact with the food, so cleanup is a breeze(Do not clean the control panel and monitor with water).

Unold 58905 Sous Vide Stick

✔Easy to Use 

-- Just attach the Sous Vide Cooker to a pot of any size with the adjustable clamp, and then set the time and temperature, press the icon on touch screen to turn on/off and confirm the settings. Easy to operate and done within seconds. You can cook like a pro!

Technical details

  • Power rating: 1,300 W, 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Centle cooking of meat, fish and vegetables without any fat
  • Even temperature by circulating pump for outstanding cooking results
  • No loss of valuable vitamins and nutrients
  • Accurate temperature settings (+/- 0.5 °C)
  • No overcooking or charring/burning - switches off automatically if the water level is too low
  • Cook vacuum-packed ingredients in their own juices for improved flavour release (accompanying Unold device: 48016 Vacuum Sealer)
  • Suitable for all heat-resistant vessels from at least about 18 cm height
  • LCD display / Easy to clean
  • Compact storage
  • Dimensions (LxW/DxH): 36.7 x 13.5 x 8.8 cm
  • Colour: stainless steel/black